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 Duct Cleaning



Heating Repair

Heaters can malfunction for a number of reasons. Heating system repairs require a well trained professional who is skilled with the mechanics of the system. Attempting to repair a system without the necessary training can actually cause more serious problems to arise if the repair is not performed properly, or worse yet, put the home or facility in danger!

Every home owner must understand the importance of regular heater maintenance. 

It is best to have the heater inspected during off the season so that no unexpected problems suddenly occur when the heater is needed the most. If a heater is not functioning efficiently it will wind up costing the home owner more for their heat, even if the heater still runs, it can be working longer and heating less.

Having the heater serviced will ensure than it runs in a way that reduces energy costs. Summer is the best time to have a heater serviced because it does not need to be up and running. It is important to have the heater checked if it is producing any unusual noises. This may mean that the heater is dying or simply malfunctioning.

There may even be electrical problems related to the heater. Flakes of rust can sometimes form and cause the flame of a heater to burn yellow rather than blue. A blue flame means that the heater is burning cleanly. If the flame is discolored than a maintenance service should be called in for a check up. A heater repair service can clean the burners and replace any pilot lights that may be causing issues.


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