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Heating Maintenance

You’re bound to have problems with your heating at some point. Most problems are easy to avoid and easy to fix, especially if you invest in preventative maintenance at least once a year (which is best done during the off season!).

A heater should be checked in the summer or just before it starts to cool down so that it is ready to function properly throughout the cold season. Scheduling for a heater maintenance at least once a year will help to reduce the costs of heating repairs through prevention.


Many of the more severe heater malfunctions occur because of a minor problem that was never taken care of, such simply lubricating moving components in the system. Some of these problems may not even be obvious.

Some heating issues go unnoticed and end up costing the home owner more money from energy consumption! Some signs of a malfunctioning heater include odd noises. If a heater produces odd noises it may indicate that the heater is on its way out. It may also mean that it is clogged. Rust can build up and cause the pilot light to burn inefficiently.

It is important that a heater’s flame burn blue. This means that it is running cleanly and efficiently. A good heater maintenance service should be able to handle all of these repairs quickly and easily. Pilot light replacements are often necessary and should not be attempted by anyone without the proper training.Having a heater serviced yearly will ensure that the system runs efficiently and uses the least amount of energy required, reducing the energy bill and paying for itself year after year.




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