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 Duct Cleaning



Some homeowners can be shocked when they look inside their duct.

You can be a good housekeeper, but you can’t stop the accumulation of dust, carpet fibers, hair, dust mites, mold and mildew, dead insects, and drywall dirt.

Our equipment's Hi-Range Vac with 15.000 CFM (cubic force air in the minute) suction line helps to suck all the dust and dirt from the duct of people’s houses.

We use a truck-mount gasoline air compressor with 175 PSI with a whip and blast system. Our rotary brush cable system helps to scrub and eliminate anything that is stuck on the duct.

Our company uses a video duct inspection system after each duct cleaning, which shows to the customers the quality our technicians' work. 



Our Office: 33117 Gratiot Ave., 
Clinton Township, Michigan 48035






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