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Air Conditioning Repair

It’s easy to take your air conditioned environment for granted. The sun can make the temperature soar in Michigan, especially during the summer! This is when consumers want nothing more than to relax and enjoy the cool indoor air. Even a brand new AC system can have problems, and when your air conditioner breaks down you want to have experienced HVAC technicians come out and solve the situation immediately.

If you just trust your repair service to the “luck of the draw” you might end up worse than you were at the start of your problem. Unless you know you have some experts that are working to fix your AC system you can’t be sure of the quality of the technician’s work. Once the technicians leave and you have shelled out your hard-earned money for the work they have done the last thing you want to happen is for your AC to fail again.

A good technician should:

  • Accurately diagnose the problem
  • Explain your options in terms you can understand
  • Show you what is wrong with your AC
  • Give a fair estimate of what the work is going to cost

Problems with an air conditioner can vary from something that is very simple to situations that are extremely complex. Your HVAC system could have developed mechanical problems that keep it from operating properly, or an electrical relay could be to blame. A faulty cooling coil could be interrupting your service or there could be a leak in the tubing that conducts the refrigerant solution. Fan motors and belts can wear out. The compressors and condensers can burn out. There are hundreds of different reasons that your AC unit or HVAC system might be failing to work–the only way to really identify the problem and fix it is to call in an expert with the right credentials to handle the job.


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