Air Duct Advance Solutions:

  • Advance Furnace Cleaning Reduces Dust
  • Hi-Tech Rotary Brush Super Cleans Ducts
  • Custom Cleaning Trucks Remove all Dirt
  • Eliminate Allergens, Pollen, Debris and More
  • Improve efficiency of air flow.

Step 1... Hi-Tech Rotary Brush

With your furnace duct system under suction, our technician will Brush the inside duct walls, tops, and bottoms of your furnace ducts from the register all the way to the main lines....removing the caked on dirt and dust.

Step 2... Whip or Skipper Line

After your ducts have been brushed, our technician uses a whip or skipper line which snakes it's way from the register to the main lines discharging high pressure air in a 360 degree pattern. This ensures that even the smallest dust particles are removed from the duct. This device will also clean the damper and duct transition deep in the duct system.

Then the main lines of the system are cleaned with a large rotary brush to loosen all the caked on dirt & debris. The reverse skipper, discharging high pressure air in a reverse pattern is then to assist the vacuum in removing al the dust, dirt & debris from the duct system.


We use only Custom Built High Powered Vacuum Trucks!

Our custom built vacuum trucks are designed to extract all the debris that is loosened with the advanced rotary brush.

Step 3... Inspection and Final Cleaning

The furnace, chimney and all combustion components are cleaned and inspected. The heat exchanger is visually inspected for stress cracks. The fan & motor are cleaned and lubricated. The burners on the hot water tank are cleaned and a multi-point system check is performed. If the system has air conditioning, both sides of the coil are carefully cleaned with high pressure air and if required a hot water wash. A build up of 1/16 of an inch of dirt on a coil can reduce efficiency by up to 20%.





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