-Have your Air Conditioning system tuned-up for the season.

-Replace your air-conditioning filter every 30 days to maximize its operating efficiency.
-If you disconnected the power to your central air conditioning system in the winter, wait 24-hours after turning power back on to the system to run it.

-Keep the thermostat constant.

-Flip the fan switch on your thermostat into the "fan on" mode when cooling the house.

-Set air vents on the second floor to receive approximately 75 percent of the conditioned air.

-Keep the shades and curtains drawn to reduce the radiant heat of the sun.

-Install awnings or plant trees that will shade southern facing windows. This keeps the hottest rays of the sun from shining directly into the house.

-Replace older windows with more efficient low-E glass. These windows help to reduce the effect of the suns warming rays. Also, keep storm windows closed.

-Install an attic fan to help ventilate some of the hot air out of the attic.

-Run a dehumidifier in the basement if the basement is humid.

-Clear or cut back shrubs and bushes from the outdoor unit.

-Keep fallen leaves, grass clippings, foliage and other dirt and debris away from your outdoor unit. (And keep the a/c coils clean).
-Shade your air-conditioner.

-Don't block vents or ducts inside the house to assure air flow in the home.

-Caulk and install weather stripping around windows and doors (especially the attic) to close air gaps.

-Avoid using the oven during the day. Run the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer in the evening, when electricity rates may be lower and heat from those appliances won't increase a/c demands.

-Turn off lamps, TV and other appliances when not in use.

-Consider use of a programmable thermostat to automatically increase or decrease temperatures during day and night to suit a family's lifestyle and reduce energy cost.

-Use shades, blinds or curtains to keep sunlight out of the house.

-Keep windows and doors closed when the A/C is on.

-Turn air conditioners off if you are going to be gone more than four hours.

-Circulate air inside your house with fans.


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